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The Lost Bulls is more than just a meme coin; it's a movement toward making the crypto space more accessible, engaging, and beneficial for all. With its unique blend of humor, community, and charity, TLB is poised to become a leading light in the meme coin ecosystem.


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Embodying resilience in the fluctuating crypto market, TLB, The Lost Bulls Token, emerges as a beacon of innovation. Crafted amidst the volatility of 2020 and designed as an ERC-20 token with a capped supply of 3 billion, TLB includes a groundbreaking approach: a 0% transaction tax and manual monthly burning events. This evolution champions token scarcity and cements our dedication to sustainable growth. TLB invites you to join its mission to leave an indelible imprint on the digital currency landscape, steering toward a future of deliberate value enhancement and community empowerment.

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Why TLB Token?

Shiba Inu Supply Reduction Partnership

TLB's Burning Mechanism for Scarcity

The Currency of the Future

In the vast world of cryptocurrencies, Shiba Inu stands out with its exceedingly large token supply, posing challenges in value retention and market stability. Recognizing this, TLB has innovatively stepped in to assist. We've developed a system that systematically synergizes with Shiba Inu's ecosystem to reduce its overwhelming supply. Each monthly burn contributes to this strategic alliance and positions TLB as a solution-oriented token that creates a more balanced and sustainable crypto environment.

Benefits of
TLB Token

Experience Dual Benefits with TLB Token

THE LOST BULLS' (TLB) tokenomics transaction tax incorporates a dynamic model with 0% transaction tax, emphasizing manual burns. This innovative change sees 2.5% of the supply will go toward Shiba burns and 2.5% go toward TLB burns (a total of 5%) supply earmarked for the monthly manual burning of both TLB and Shiba Inu tokens, fostering mutual growth and value enhancement within both communities. This adjustment promises to amplify the rarity and appeal of TLB tokens while supporting the Shiba Inu ecosystem, inviting holders to partake in a refined strategy to bolster their long-term holding potential.

Invest with Heart

TLB isn't just about profits; it's about making a difference. We commit 3% of TLB's supply to support charities in animal welfare, homelessness, and hunger relief. By choosing TLB, you're part of a community that stands for social responsibility and real-world impact. Let's make a difference together.

Shape the Future of TLB

Your voice matters in TLB's ecosystem. The upcoming Governance System empowers you, the token holder, to influence TLB's future direction. This decentralized model ensures that TLB evolves as a community-driven project, reflecting the collective vision of its members. Get ready to take part in shaping TLB's future.

Rewarding your Loyalty

TLB values its community. That's why we've earmarked 12% of our supply for future rewards, starting with the launch of the TLB NFT Marketplace in Phase 3. Your engagement and support will soon be rewarded with exclusive benefits. Stay tuned and be ready to reap your rewards as a valued member of the TLB community.

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THE LOST BULLS is a unique meme coin project launched on the Ethereum blockchain. Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies, TLB is designed with the ethos of community, humor, and philanthropy at its core. It aims to create a vibrant community of enthusiasts and investors passionate about meme culture while offering an opportunity to participate in the cryptocurrency space in a fun and engaging way. TLB also integrates innovative tokenomics and a commitment to making a positive impact through various charitable contributions.

How does TLB differ from other meme coins?

TLB distinguishes itself from other meme coins through several innovative features, notably its community-driven governance model, charitable contributions, and unique token burns. Unlike many meme coins, TLB has implemented a strategic approach to reduce the total supply of both TLB and Shiba Inu tokens over time, decreasing the total token supply to increase scarcity and value for holders potentially. This demonstrates TLB's commitment to creating long-term value for its community and positions TLB as a project with a proactive strategy for growth and sustainability. Additionally, TLB's focus on charitable giving and empowering its community through future governance further solidifies its unique position in cryptocurrency, making it an attractive option for those looking for more than just a meme coin.

Can you explain the tokenomics of TLB?

TLB's tokenomics promotes long-term holding and community participation. TLB's total supply is allocated to various funds, including liquidity, community rewards, and charitable donations. The project also features monthly burns to reduce the total supply over time, potentially increasing the token's value. Detailed information on the distribution, transaction taxes, and rewards system can be found in the TLB whitepaper.

How can I get involved with THE LOST BULLS community?

Joining the TLB community is easy! You can start by following us on social media platforms, including Discord and Twitter, where we actively engage with our community members. We also encourage participation in our regular AMAs, contests, and discussions. For those interested in contributing more significantly, there are opportunities to volunteer for various community initiatives or propose new ideas for the project.

What are the future plans for THE LOST BULLS?

TLB is committed to continuous growth and development, with a roadmap that includes expanding our ecosystem, launching new features, and establishing partnerships that will bring additional utility and value to TLB holders. Future plans also involve: Exploring integrations with NFTs and the Metaverse. Enhancing our platform's features based on community feedback. Continuing our philanthropic efforts.

How does TLB contribute to charitable causes?

Philanthropy is a cornerstone of the TLB project. A dedicated portion of project funds is allocated to a charity fund, which is used to support various causes and organizations. Further details on donations and future charity plans can be found in our whitepaper tokenomics and roadmap.

What are THE LOST BULLS' plans for the Metaverse and NFTs?

THE LOST BULLS is at the forefront of embracing the exciting opportunities the Metaverse and NFTs presented. Our roadmap includes developing unique TLB-themed NFTs that will not only serve as digital collectibles but also offer holders special privileges and benefits within our ecosystem. These NFTs will embody the spirit and humor of TLB, allowing community members to own a piece of the project's culture and identity. Moreover, we are exploring partnerships with existing Metaverse platforms to establish a virtual space for TLB holders. This space will host virtual meetups, events, and games, offering our community a new dimension of interaction and engagement. Our vision for the Metaverse includes creating immersive experiences that allow TLB members to connect, explore, and grow together in virtual environments. By integrating with the Metaverse and leveraging NFTs, THE LOST BULLS aims to expand its ecosystem, providing innovative ways for our community to interact, contribute, and benefit from the project's growth. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to develop and implement these exciting initiatives.